Stan Lee left us with more than just a wealth of comic book heroes we love, but a series of new heroes presented in a different medium.

Admittedly, I found out about A Trick of Light when Kindle offered me a deal on it. I thought it was a comic book until I opened it, and was even more intrigued to dive in when I realized it was a novel.

The story’s pacing was done well, and some of the plot twists were unpredictable even to seasoned readers. It was original, felt believable within the realm of the superhero world, and brought us a new set of heroes we can adore with powers that are ever-so-relevant to our current technology. A Trick of Light is the origin story of a cyber-kinetic kid who can access and manipulate any technology with his mind—and in a world where we rely on tech now more than ever, the possibilities were endless and made for a wild ride.

If you’re a fan of Stan Lee, comics or movies, settle in with some snacks and a blanket, and dive into this fresh adventure. Bear in mind, it is written for adults, and the violence and gore are very explicit and not for the faint of heart or children.